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Your privacy is our policy!  Please be assured that we will treat your personal information with the utmost attention to confidentiality.  We will not share or sell any of your personal information, nor will we distribute to other parties your e-mail address or contact information in any manner.

GoldMenu will contact you via e-mail to notify you of information related to GoldMenu or changes to your account, to respond to your inquiries, to provide you with information you’ve requested (such as links to our Mobile App), or to confirm your requests have been received.

You may also choose to receive e-mail updates from detailing offers from new partners or special offers from existing partner businesses.  These communications will be from GoldMenu, not our business partners, and it is your choice to “opt in” to receive them.

The only exception to our privacy policy would occur if you voluntarily “opt in” to one of our deal partners’ newsletter or e-mail lists.  In this case, and only in this case, your e-mail contact information, and only your e-mail contact information, will be shared with the partner you’ve chosen to receive this information.

Your Satisfaction

Your complete satisfaction is our sincere commitment.  Our customers are our most valuable assets, and every customer is our most important customer.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our service, please let us know immediately so we can address your issue, and improve our service to you and all of our customers.

We would also appreciate your comments and suggestions.  Our goal is to offer the best service possible and to make GoldMenu the “gold standard” in our business.  As our customer, your input is invaluable!

Thank you for your business!  Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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