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It's good to share, right?

It's even better to Share & Earn!

Only GoldMenu pays you to tell others about our great deals!

  • We pay you to share with friends, families, followers, and folks you run into on the street.
  • We pay you to share with local, out-of-town, "brick-and-mortar" or internet-based businesses.
  • We pay you real money - not points, not gimmicks - real, cold, hard cash!

Here's how it works:

When you join GoldMenu, you get your own Promo Code.

Tell your friends about GoldMenu's great deals, and have them sign up using your Promo Code. Everybody wins:

  • Your friends get a one-year free subscription to GoldMenu's Premium Mobile App.
  • GoldMenu merchants get more customers (your friends use their deals, too), so they offer more deals.
  • You get 10% of the deal fees charged merchants for every GoldMenu deal your friends use!

Sounds good, right? Especially that cash register ringing in the background. Well it gets even better..

Tell every business you know to check out GoldMenu. They'll love us, since we're the cheapest, most effective advertising around. So be sure to give businesses your Promo Code, too, because, when they sign up with GoldMenu, everyone wins again (and yes, that includes you):

  • The merchants get 100% off their signup fees.
  • Your friends get more deal options (and you get more $$ when they use deals).
  • You get 50% of the deal fees GoldMenu charges these merchants - 60% for deals used by your Promo Code friends!

So how much cash can you earn sharing GoldMenu? How much do you want? A little extra spending money? A residual income you can retire on? There's no limit to what you can earn!

  • GoldMenu charges merchants an average of $2.50 every time someone uses one of their deals.
  • You get:
    • $1.25 to you for every deal used at one of your Promo Code merchants.
    • $.25 for every deal used by one of your Promo Code members.
    • $1.50 if both the merchant and the member signed up with your Promo Code!
  • Now let's say you post your Promo Code to a few Facebook and Instagram groups.

Think about it. This adds up very quickly! Check this out:

  • If only 200 friends, family, or other folks join GoldMenu with your Promo Code, and they each use just 5 GoldMenu deals a month, that's $3,000 a year for you! And you can tell a whole lot more than 200 people about GoldMenu, can't you? Sure you can - it's good to $hare!
Better yet:
  • If only 10 merchants sign up with your Promo Code, and only 20 people use GoldMenu deals at those merchants each month, that's $6,000 a year! And you've seen GoldMenu's deals - our daily discounts and our killer premium deals will get used at least 10 times that much! That's some real cash!
And even better, better yet:
  • Think about how much you could make if your Promo Code members are using GoldMenu deals at your Promo Code merchants! Big bucks! Gotta love it!

With GoldMenu, it's REALLY good to share! So do it! Share away! Tell everyone about GoldMenu, give everyone your Promo Code!

Go to your Profile tab, personalize your Promo Code, and share it!

Then go to your Earnings tab and watch your earnings grow!

Save, Share, and EARN with GoldMenu!