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No Sales, No Strings Fundraising for Your School, Club, Church, or Service Organization

GoldMenu provides a great way to raise money for your kids' school, band booster, sports team, club or community service project. Any organization - non-profit or for-profit - can take advantage of this simple and fun way to raise money. It's easy. All you have to do is share!

When you join GoldMenu, you get great deals and great savings. You also get a Promo Code.

When people or businesses sign up for GoldMenu using your Promo Code, they get great stuff, and you earn commissions for their GoldMenu deals!

We know you'll love GoldMenu deals, and since GoldMenu deals are good for both businesses and their customers, you'll love sharing our deals.

Sign up your organization and then share your organization's Promo Code with everyone. It will work a lot like eScript, but you don't need a card! Every time one of your GoldMenu Members uses a GoldMenu deal, or one of your GoldMenu Merchants sells a GoldMenu deal, your organization earns a commission! It's that easy!

Here's an example of how much you could raise:

  • If only 100 friends, family, or other folks join GoldMenu with your Promo Code, and they each save with three GoldMenu deals a week, that's about $3,900 a year for your organization!
  • If only 3 merchants sign up with your Promo Code, and only 15 people use GoldMenu deals at those merchants each week, that's about $5,850 a year!
  • That's an average of $9,750 per year!
  • Think how much you could raise if you signed up more individuals and merchants every year!

Nothing to sell. Nothing to distribute. No cash to collect.

Just Share & Earn!
We do the rest.
Fundraising made simple!