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Everyday GoldMenu brings you the best deals in your area - fantastic savings at all kinds of merchants. We know you love to save, so we bring you fabulous deals in a totally mind-boggling new way:


Our merchants are so excited to show you their stuff

So where do we get all these great deals for you? That's easy. Just look in the mirror! We get them from you, and folks just like you! Every GoldMenu member can sign up merchants (and friends) and earn serious cash - it's easy! Check it out!

The days of having to buy a deal voucher or prepay for the total deal value up front are gone. Now, simply select a deal and save at your favorite merchants!

You may have some questions about this seriously wild concept of giving deals away for free.  So think about the old stories you’ve heard about things called “newspapers” and the reports they had of “2-for-1 deals” or “50% off coupons” that were “given away for free” while your peruse the FAQ’s below.


1) What do the deals cost?
NOTHING!  ZIP!  ZILCH!  $0.00! All deals are FREE to members!
No credit card required. No pre-payment. Nada.
Just great savings for you!

2) Is there a membership fee?
Nope!  Sign up now and save!  It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s FREE!

3) Why should I become a member?
Why wouldn't you? You're smart. It's simple. It's easy. And did we mention? - It's FREE!
Oh yeah, and then there’s all the AMAZING deals our merchants offer…
We know you like deals, and we’re certain you’ll LOVE ours!
Not enough good reasons? You’re a hard sell! So check out our Share & Earn Program and see how you can EARN while you save!

4) Other deal websites charge $5.00 to $45.00 for their deals. How can GoldMenu give them away for free?
Merchants pay us so YOU DON'T HAVE TO!
We bring merchant deals to you and your friends. You and your friends give our merchant partners your business.  Everybody wins!

5) The Group Deal sites require that I buy the deals first.  Do I have to buy deals?
No, no, no, no, NEVER!
One more time, all together, and with feeling: GoldMenu deals are FREE!!!

6) Can I only get GoldMenu deals on your website?
Absolutely not! WE’VE GOT MOBILE DEALS, TOO!
Download the GoldMenu Mobile App and get great deals on the go!
Travelling for business, on vacation, or just out and about?
SAVE UP TO 100% with our FREE app!
Scan or click the QR code, or open the Mobile App tab, and SAVE!!

7) I’m traveling out of town next weekend.  How can I find GoldMenu deals where I’m going?
Easy-peazy. Just use the “Select Nearest City” search on your home page and find deals wherever you’re headed.
See #6 above, too. (Get the Mobile App. We’ll alert you whenever you’re near a GoldMenu deal. You also find great discounts by using the app’s Search function.)
Don’t find any deals where you travel? Tell the merchants you visit. And don’t forget to give them your Promo Code! (Check out #10 below and see how you can earn cash, and save on your next trip!)

8) My roller derby team is looking for a place to carb load after bouts. Got any deals for us?
Heck yeah! Our restaurant merchants LOVE groups!
Sports teams, hobby clubs, business groups, families, or friends - all groups are welcome, especially roller girls!
Check out the “Group Savings” page for info.
Better yet, just sign up, sign in, and click the exclusive “Get Group Deals” search or Group Deals tab!

9) Why doesn’t my favorite merchant offer deals?
They probably haven’t heard of us yet - we’re the new kids on the block.
Tell them to check out our website and give us a call. They’ll love you for it!
Want an even better reason to tell them? How about cash? (Check out #10.)

10) You guys look like you’ve got a great business idea. Can I get in on the action?
You betcha! Just click on over to the Share & Earn Program and see what the “Earn” is all about.
You can make some cash on the side, or earn SERIOUS RESIDUAL INCOME just by sharing your Promo Code and telling businesses and people who love great deals (like you!) to sign up with GoldMenu.
Best of all, just like our deals, it’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s FREE!
11) How can I get even more GoldMenu deals?
That’s simple, too. TELL EVERYONE ABOUT US!
The more members and merchants that join GoldMenu, the more deals for you!
And remember, give everyone your Promo Code! They save, and you EARN!
Like us, friend us, share us, shout about us!
Spread the news and we’ll spread the deals!

12) What if I have more questions?
Are you my 7-year-old son? You know you’re not supposed to be surfing unsupervised!
No, seriously. We want to hear from you.
Just e-mail us at and we’ll do our best to answer all your questions.
(Unless you really are my kid. Then you’re in big trouble!)

You know what, though? You really want answers? Just give us a try.
Sign up now. Sign up and save! Sign up and never ask why again!

It really is simple. It really is fast. It really is easy. It really is FREE!

Thanks from GoldMenu, and from all our great merchant partners!