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ma Account Today's Date Apr 2, 2023
Earn Cash, Marketing Associates Needed

Welcome to your Share & Earn Tab!

Congratulations! You're now our newest marketing associate and you're in full control of when, where and how much money you earn. No time clocks or commutes.

Start earning today – we’ve done the heavy lifting for you!

Tell your favorite merchants about us by showing them the opportunity to draw in new and repeat customers, including groups, profitably.  You know, the merchants that you and your friends love best.  But don't stop locally – every merchant in the USA is welcome to join.  This is a great business opportunity!

For each merchant that signs-up using your Promo Code, you’ll receive 50% of the fees for each and every deal used for that merchant. This residual income will continue indefinitely as long as the merchant continues their participation!

In addition, you also earn 10% of all of the deal fees used by a member that signed up with your Promo Code, from any merchant.

To help ensure that you receive your commissions, we provide the merchant a valuable discount of $100.00 off their membership fee when they use your Promo Code and new members get access to all the great deals. 

Love sharing great deals?

Be the first to tell your friends, family, people on the street and all of your social media contacts to join in on the savings at The more members that we have, the better the deals we can offer, and the greater your earnings!

As a marketing associate you are an independent contractor, not an agent or employee of GoldMenu Inc. so you can prety much do whatever you like with no boss riding you, and you may enter into other work agreements, hire employees, and work only the hours you choose.

Share your Promo Code in everything you do!

Emerson Bone, CEO

GoldMenu Inc.

Account Activity for April 2023 History
  Total No Commission
Restaurants Signed Up0$0.00
Restaurant Deals0$0.00
Other Merchants Signed Up0$0.00
Other Merchant Deals0$0.00
Member Deals$0.00
Total: $0.00
Commissions* Paid
2023 Paid Commissions*$0.00
Total Paid Commissions*$0.00
* Commissions are based on Merchant deal fee receipts.

To enable commission payments, click here.

Federal Law requires submission of W-9 for payment in excess of $600 per calendar year.

W-9 Received:
W-9 Form
Please complete a W-9 form using the link below and mail it to the following address:
GoldMenu Inc.
PO Box 870
El Dorado, CA 95623.
Click here to complete W-9 Form